Coliemore Harbour Wall Damaged

by Gazette Reporter

ACCESS to Coliemore Harbour in Dalkey was closed to the public last week after part of the wall underneath the walkway fell into the sea.

People were asked by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown (DLR) council not to enter the water and the ferry to Dalkey Island was cancelled for the weekend.

A section of the bedrock crumbled away leaving the area unsafe. Structural engineers assessed the damage and the council says it will be repaired as soon as possible.

In a social media statement DLR council said: “Access to Coliemore Harbour in Dalkey is closed to the public due to a section of granite bedrock shearing away.

“Structural engineers assessing the location.

“Public are asked to respect the cordon and not enter the water at this location. The ferry to the island cancelled temporarily.”

Local boatman ‘Ken The Ferryman’ said he would be out of action for the weekend at least due to the closure – but hopefully not for too much longer after that.

He said: “Unfortunately due to an incident in the harbour I cannot operate the ferry this weekend.

“It’s under investigation right now with DLR because part of the wall fell out where the walk way is and it is unsafe for anyone to walk down.

“I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused to anyone who was planning a trip over to the island this weekend.

“Hopefully I won’t be out of action for too long. Thank you everyone. Ken.”

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