Lighting urged for ‘Black Path’ in Clondalkin

by Gazette Reporter

FAILURE to provide public lighting along a blind spot on a walkway in Clondalkin has been criticised by a local councillor.

Sinn Fein’s Derren O’Bradaigh expressed his frustration at a response by South Dublin County Council to his request for lighting.

He said the 280-metre stretch of the pedestrian walkway in Neilstown, which is in total darkness, needs to be adequately lit to safeguard users.

Cllr O Bradaigh said: “The walkway, referred to locally as the ‘Black Path’, is a stretch totally void of any lighting. 

“This important pathway provides direct access to the residents of over 400 homes and runs from Neilstown shops through Ronanstown and Wood Avens and providing access to Foxdene residents too.

“A ‘Safety and Inclusivity in Clondalkin Scoping Study’ within the perspective of gender-based violence and commissioned by South Dublin County Council recommends that the Black Laneway is lit, particularly at night. 

“The survey also points to the fact that the area is not overlooked by houses and is eerily isolated.”

Cllr O Bradaigh said he was confused at SDCC’s rationale for refusing lighting as it said the vicinity is not overlooked and users may be vulnerable.

He said: “This is the very reason lighting is recommended in the first instance in the report.

“The area is not a segregated park but a key practical and busy residential pathway en-route to local services.

“There seems to be somewhat of a contradiction if, on one hand we are agreeing to the allocation of funds to commission a study and then ignoring the recommendations of those very same important study findings.” 

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