Clean-up in Palmerstown to highlight need for bins

by Kim O Leary

The Workers’ Party organised a litter clean-up with residents in Palmerstown Manor over the weekend to highlight the need for bins in the estate.

David Gardiner, Workers’ Party representative in Palmerstown-Fonthill, said: “We’ve repeatedly called on the council to install bins in the estate to deal with the litter issue. It’s only gotten worse in recent months and it is long overdue that South Dublin County Council take action.”

“Some local residents will regularly go out and pick-up litter themselves, but this alone won’t solve the problem unfortunately. We need infrastructure and that can’t be provided by individuals, it can only be provided by the council.”

“For the taxes we pay, we are entitled to a good-quality public service in return. It should not be a huge ask of a competent local council that they play a role in tackling the litter problem,” he added.

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