‘Still in shock’: Churchtown Stores pub hit by armed robbery

by Gary Ibbotson

Late last month the popular Churchtown Stores pub on the Braemor Road was the target of an armed robbery, Dublin Gazette can reveal.

Originally a hardware shop for over three decades, Churchtown Stores reopened earlier this year as a bar keeping the distinguished name and store frontage.

The owner of the pub (who requested not to be named) said that on a Tuesday night in August as his staff were locking up, two masked men approached the premises armed with a gun and a knife and proceeded to rob the bar.

“The lads had locked up the premises and the alarm had been put on. They were outside in the smoking area and there were two more small outside doors that had to be closed.

“As they were closing them, two guys came from two different directions and both in balaclavas – one had a gun and one had a knife.

“The lads had no chance. They put a gun to one of the lads’ head and a knife to other member of staff. They forced them to open the door and turn off the alarm,” said the owner.

The owner says that the thieves were extremely aggressive towards the staff members and even tied one of them up with electrical wire.

“They demanded to know where the money was.

“There were two safes. They got the money out of one but couldn’t open the other so they took it with them.

“Now, there wouldn’t be a lot of money on the premises on a Tuesday night but there would be floats and that in place,” he says.

Not wanting to reveal the exact amount of money stolen, the owner says that between €5,000 and €7,000 was taken.

“They ran out of the premises very quickly. Leaving one of the lads tied up.

“So off they went, around the corner and into a car that was waiting for them.”

The owner says that both members of staff are still recovering from the ordeal with one man still in shock.

“It wasn’t a very nice experience,” he says.

The owner says that they have taken measures to deter further robberies and are working closely with the Gardai to catch the thieves.

“There was a lot of shock among the community when it happened. First because of the incident and secondly because of the aggressive nature of it.

“It’s an unusual situation for a place like Churchtown,” he says.

In a statement, a Gardai spokesperson said that they are “investigating a robbery that took place at a licensed premises in Rathfarnham.

“No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing.”

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