Cattle farmer using skills to fight Covid-19

by Gazette Reporter

A YOUNG farmer and business graduate has turned his company around to meet the demand for deep cleaning services during the pandemic.

Luke Joyce, a cattle and Christmas tree farmer, has been using his knowledge and experience in agricultural chemical spraying to help fight coronavirus.

Luke, from Tallaght, is using his background in the use of chemicals for agricultural purposes to provide a unique disinfection service.

The 24-year-old is drawing on his experience in weed control around Christmas trees and disinfecting livestock sheds against TB to battle the virus outbreak.

Luke was born and raised on Tallaght Hill, between Brittas, Tallaght and Saggart, and says being brought up on a farm inspired him to start his own business.

He revealed: “I understand the importance of disinfection when dealing with viruses. After the outbreak last year, I used this experience to focus efforts on a new large-scale disinfecting service with mist blowers and foggers.

“I have disinfected areas for local nursing homes, gyms, service stations, offices, construction sites and, most recently, the RTE sets for their Home Rescue show.”

While he was still studying at Maynooth University Luke started up his own cleaning company ( providing power washing and cleaning windows and gutters.

When the pandemic hit he was anxious to pivot his business to meet demand and keep his staff in gainful employment.

He said: “This past year has been extremely difficult for a lot of employers. When the first lockdown was announced, I worried for my staff and how I would continue to pay them.

“Fortunately, this new service has allowed me to keep my staff fully employed without the need for government subsidies, while also taking on new staff members to grow the team.

“Because of the farm, I already knew everything there was to know about spraying. I merged the two – the cleaning business and the experience in agriculture disinfecting and spraying – to start the Covid-19 disinfecting.”

The bio misting method used kills dangerous organisms and Luke and his team have been getting requests from far and wide for their deep clean services.

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