Consumers urged to check expiry dates on medicines

by Amy Rohu

Ireland’s leading independent pharmacy network CarePlus Pharmacy are urging customers to check on expiry dates of any medicines, supplements and pharmaceutical products they bought last year.

According to the group, using medicines that have passed their expiry date could fail to alleviate a patient’s symptoms, or in some cases negatively impact a patient’s health.

Tomas Conefrey, who runs the CarePlus Pharmacy branch on Pearse Street in Dublin city centre says he is concerned that much of this stock is still sitting on shelves in homes around the country.

“In the early stages of the pandemic there was understandable concern among the public about the need to have more packs of common medicines in case they or their loved ones were diagnosed with COVID-19. One year on, it’s important to check any unused items to make sure they are still in date and if they’re not, to dispose of them responsibly”.

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