Can you help this man reunite with his long lost Dublin friend?

by Rebecca Ryan
Photo of Rita Lamb who friend Mac is trying to reconnect with after 50 years

A man living in the UK is looking to reunite with a long-lost friend from Dublin.

Maqbool Syed, or ‘Mac’ as he is more popularly known, used to live in Russell Street in Luton. He later moved to Southampton where he is now based.

Mac is originally from Pakistan and is in his 70s. He met Rita Lamb when he was living in Luton and Weyln Garden City before she moved back to Dublin around 1966.

Mac approached his local radio station Awaaz FM Community Radio to try and locate Rita. With no joy, they have moved the search to Dublin.

If you know Rita, please get in touch with us and help to reunite these two old friends.



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