Gardaí contacted as part of Keep Calm on the Kennelsfort Road campaign

by Padraig Conlon

A local representative has called on gardai to enforce a law in Palmerstown which he claims is being ignored.

David Gardiner, Workers’ Party representative says he has written to the local Garda Superintendent concerning the existing, yet unenforced, ban on heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) weighing over 7.5t from using the Kennelsfort Road.

“This has been an issue in Palmerstown for many years,” Gardiner told Dublin Gazette.

“And yet we still do not see adequate action being taken on it.”

“Private companies are using our roads to make their profits without adequate consideration being given to the community here in Palmerstown.

“This is why I’m calling on Gardaí to set up checkpoints along the road and ensure that the ban on HGVs along the Kennelsfort Road is enforced.”

The Workers’ Party say they will continue to escalate action until the appropriate measures are put in place for the safety of the community in Palmerstown.

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