Blackrock Garda Station

ANOTHER scam is targeting the elderly citizens of Mount Merrion, with a 90-year-old man’s wallet stolen as he gave directions to a passing motorist.
Local resident Kathleen told The Gazette her elderly neighbour was a victim of scammers who preyed on his good nature.
The man was in his front garden on Redesdale Road in Mount Merrion last Wednesday when a car stopped outside and asked him for directions.
A young, well-dressed man asked for directions while the driver, who was older, got out of the car for a minute. It was only after they drove off that the elderly gentleman realised they’d taken his wallet.
Kathleen said: “He thought he was being a good Samaritan, helping them with directions.
“While he was talking to the teenager, the driver got out and went behind him, and he said he didn’t realise what that man was doing. It was very scary.”
By the time the man reported the theft to gardai, the fraudsters had already tried to withdraw money from his bank.
While they were unable to take money from his cards, they managed to steal the cash that the man had withdrawn from the post office earlier that day.
Gardai confirmed to The Gazette that they are investigating the theft but no arrests have been made.
The man said that the scammers were “very smooth, calm and slick” and didn’t look aggressive.
The news comes following a scam that targeted Mount Merrion residents just last month, when Kathleen herself was subjected to a “nightmare” roof repair scam by two con-artist roofers.
Kathleen said she thinks that that scammers looking to rob locals are taking a new approach with this latest cheat.
She said: “They’re taking a new tack by just trying to steal people’s wallets directly out of their pockets.”
Locals are being urged to contact Dundrum and Blackrock Garda Stations to be added to their text alert service.


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