16-year-old busker donates all Christmas earnings to homeless charity

by Gary Ibbotson

Over the past couple of weeks, Dun Laoghaire residents would have been welcomed by the dulcet tones of a young busker plying her trade on the East Pier.

What Dun Laoghaire locals may have not realised was that busker was 16-year-old Molli Meaghan-Tresson, and every contribution given to Meaghan-Tresson was donated to Dun Laoghaire Helping the Homeless. Every single cent.

Meaghan-Tresson’s father, Sean accompanied Molli on her busking sessions and thanked the people who showed their support.

He said: “A big thank you to the people of Dun Laoghaire and the surrounding area who supported Molli Meaghan-Tresson in her efforts busking on the pier.

“It didn’t go the way she had planned due to weather and tonsillitis but she finished up with a total of just over 750 euro.

“Every single cent she made while busking is going to be presented to Dun Laoghaire Helping The Homeless.

“They are an inspirational group from the Dun Laoghaire borough who are doing great work and we hope Molli’s efforts will give them a little help in their day to day charitable endeavours. Thank you all again.

“We’ve a great community and it was great to see such a supportive response from so many people.”

During an evening of busking, Molli even drew the attention of RTE broadcaster and host Ryan Tubridy.

“I was walking down the pier in Dun Laoghaire and there was a lovely picture I saw of a girl busking with her guitar and singing really well – and then against the wall was her father watching her,” he said on his RTE One radio show.

“I thought it was the cutest thing – it was just a lovely picture.

“I stopped, made a small donation and asked her name – she said her name was Molli Meaghan-Tresson and she is 16 years old and her Dad is Sean.

“I wanted to say hello to her on the radio, I thought she had something that we might see more of and good luck to her.”

According to Sean, Molli often goes busking around Dun Laoghaire and Wexford Town but last Christmas, she decided to do it for a different reason.

“Last Christmas she busked in Wexford Town for the whole month of December. While busking we got talking to a young homeless man who would sit and listen to her.

“On one occasion he popped a few cents her way, which must have been huge to him.

“We noticed he had been beaten up but then we didn’t see him for a while and Molli decided she wanted to give all her December earnings to a homeless charity.

“While researching charities in Wexford we found a charity where every cent raised went directly to the homeless. Wexford Homeless Action Group. Molli decided she wanted to give her money to them.

“She donated 1230 euro. All of the busking money.

“This Christmas she wants to again give all her takings to the Dun Laoghaire Helping The Homeless Group. As I said, every single cent she gets from busking will be given to the homeless charity. It would be wonderful if word got out and she achieved her goal of getting as much as possible to help those in need.”

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