Bullock Harbour repairs to be finished in April

by Gary Ibbotson

Repairs to Bullock Harbour are progressing slowly after the much loved harbour was battered by Storm Emma last year.

The 200-year-old harbour wall was damaged by boulders as they were picked up by storm waves and crashed into the pier.

An underwater vortex created by large inward surges which then became outward kickbacks, sucked some of the foundations away from the carved stones along the entrance wall.

As a result, this undermining has caused the blocks to gradually sink.

For the past four years, Dublin Port Company has been creating 3D models of the harbour using laser scans and were able to generate a “stone by stone” model of the damaged area.

As Bullock is a recorded monument, work permits were applied for and granted in September 2018 and repair works soon began.

Just in case that section of the wall collapses, the critical blocks were numbered so that the jigsaw can be reassembled should the worst had happened.

Due to recent poor weather, construction works have been delayed but are due to be completed in April.

“Two open days to the public were held so locals could visit the site and discuss the techniques, types of cement and progress with the contractor and the conservation engineer, these were well received by the public,” says port engineer, Eamon McElroy.

To ensure the harbour is stable and in good shape, “Dublin Port is committed to continuing the laser scanning for the next number of years,” he says.

Locals seem to be largely in favour of the project with Mary Molloy saying: “Fantastic to see something being preserved in this day and age. It is a beautiful little harbour which I hope will never be destroyed by ruthless developers.”

“I’m so glad that money has been put back into Bullock Harbour to restore it back to its beauty for all to enjoy…loved being down there in all seasons,” added Tracy Byrne on Facebook.

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