Monkstown Dad Home After Life-Changing Accident

by Amy Rohu

By Amy Rohu

A Dublin man who suffered a brain injury last year is finally returning home after more than a year in hospital.

Dad-of-two Des Vallely from Monkstown was riding his electric bicycle in Dublin City last January when he was involved in an accident in a cycle lane. His helmet was insufficient to protect him from a blow against a cycling bollard and he was rushed to Beaumont Hospital.

After life-saving surgery Des eventually opened his eyes again but unfortunately this was all he could move. After extensive rehab in the National Rehabilitation Hospital since, Des is now in a position where he can continue to recover at home.

Des’s wife Tara Dalton set up a GoFundMe page with the hopes of raising €400,000 for his continued rehabilitation at home. The page has now surpassed this figure and now stands at just over €402,596.

Tara shared the good news to the families GoFundMe page at the weekend saying: “Last Thursday, Disability Services finally approved Des’s care plan which will allow him to return home. When we got the news, I honestly thought I was going to cry which is not like me! I can’t believe after 16 long months he is finally coming home.”

The family had a difficult time last year seeing Des in hospital, at one point his injuries were so severe it was deemed too much for his children to visit. There were also restrictions on visits due to Covid and all of this took a toll on his recovery, but he didn’t stop fighting.

Speaking about his current condition Tara added: “Des has found his voice and is talking which is amazing. This started about five or six weeks ago, around the time when he started coming home to visit at weekends. It is so lovely to have a conversation with him again and I now realise how difficult it was not being able to talk to my husband. The old Des is definitely back and for those of you who know him you will appreciate when I tell you that he is having the craic with all the nurses and they just love him.”

The family have a lot of hope for the future with Tara adding: “Des’s movement is still very limited and he still needs 24-7 care.”

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