CCTV cameras are to be installed at St Cuthbert’s Park in Bawnogue in a bid to clamp down on crime and illegal dumping.
The green space has had issues with joy riding and scrambler bikes and the amount of rubbish left on the side of the road has gotten out of hand.
Late last year South Dublin County Council agreed to set up a task force to tackle the problem after fed-up residents called for action.
Cllr Mark Ward (SF), who is a member of the task force, said: “This will go a long way in dealing with anti-social behaviour in the park.”
A group of residents are being sought to join public representatives, council officials, gardai and the community safety forum tasked with devising long and short term solutions to anti-social behaviour in the area.
Cllr Ward added: “We have an opportunity to reclaim the park for public use in line with the building of 63 houses there.
“Our remit is to come up with ways to make the park user-friendly for all. I have been tasked to develop a group of local residents to help with the process and I am pursuing this.”
Last year a doorstep survey of 4,000 Bawnogue houses found the single biggest concern for residents was anti-social behaviour in St Cuthbert’s – especially scramblers, quads, stolen cars and illegal dumping.
Several recommendations were made to the council including improved public lighting along Lindisfarne Grove, Melrose Park and Deansrath Park.
In a submission made by Sinn Fein it was also urged that the boundary wall be raised, entrance gates be strengthened, and a number of amenities provided including a kids’ play area, a properly maintained football pitch, additional trees and flower beds.
Cllr Ward hopes the CCTV will deter dumping. He said: “The vast majority are responsible and dispose of their litter correctly.
“But there is an element out there who have no moral qualms about dumping household rubbish in our park, estates and on the side of the road.
“There is no worse sight when driving into Bawnogue than to see litter strewn all over the roads.
“To compound the issue unscrupulous litter collectors are taking people’s household waste and dumping it wherever they get the chance. This activity needs to stop.”
Clondalkin gardai will be fully involved with the CCTV project which the council has assured is a priority.


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