Lucan resident says Balgaddy is adversely affecting Lucan’s reputation

by Mark O'Brien
Balgaddy community garden, which was built up over several years by local volunteers

A Lucan resident has written to the Local Area Boundary Committee requesting that Balgaddy be moved to the Clondalkin electoral area as it is affecting Lucan’s reputation as a “nice place to live”.

The Boundary Committee are currently reviewing electoral areas across the country, with submissions having closed on Monday.

The submission from the Lucan resident said: “Having worked hard, paid my taxes, and paid a big mortgage over the years in Lucan, I strongly object to the area called Balgaddy being classified as Lucan.

“As you are aware Balgaddy is an area linked with drugs and shootings and has a high rate of unemployment.

“It is located beside Ronanstown Garda Station which is clearly Dublin 22.

“The effect of this area being linked to Lucan is that are (sic) house prices will be affected and our reputation as a “nice place to live” will be ruined.

“We can only thank underhand ruthless developers and local politicians for this scenario and I strongly request that the boundaries are reviewed as soon as possible.

“I love living in Lucan but if things get any worse, which undoubtedly they will, people like myself will have no choice but to relocate.”

Clondalkin councillor Trevor Gilligan (FF) said he was shocked by the comments.

“Balgaddy has a long-steeped history in the area,” he said.

“There is great community spirit and residents are proud to be from the area.

“In my view, whether electoral boundaries change or not, I find it insulting to move an area in or out of another just because of so called social standings.”

Cllr Gilligan said he has always been proud to represent Balgaddy.

“I have met and worked with many residents in the Balgaddy area in the past, none of whom are linked to drugs or shootings.

“Just because someone is not employed, doesn’t mean that they aren’t looking for work, or trying to better themselves.

“Residents in Balgaddy also pay their taxes and do not deserve such treatment.

“I also feel that the Electoral Commission shouldn’t be used as a tool to manipulate house prices in certain areas.

The committee must make its recommendations for any boundary changes by June 13, 2018.

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