Balbriggan locals band together to cover racist graffiti

by Rachel Darcy

Locals in Balbriggan worked together last weekend to cover over racist graffiti that appeared in the area.

Graffiti targeting ‘African males’ was spray painted at various locations in the north Dublin suburb, which also encouraged violence.

Local advocacy group, Fingal Communities Against Racism (FCAR), posted on social media to thank locals who covered the disgusting vandalism last weekend.

Recently, FCAR published a statement saying they believe Balbriggan is being targeted by far-right groups, with these individuals using a fear crime in the area to ‘push a racist agenda on social media’.

“The far-right use every opportunity to exploit people’s fears, including fear of crime and anti-social behaviour, to stir up hatred and division and turn neighbours against each other,” the statement read.

“Unfortunately, this is part of a pattern of far-right groups targeting Balbriggan by linking crime with diversity through a narrative of racially motivated ‘gang’ violence,” FCAR continued.

The group was established in 2020 when several of well-known, right-wing activists attempted to stir racial division in the area.

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