We-aver a new park

by Mark O'Brien

Officials say that a new community park in the Liberties that was officially opened this week will serve the entire community.

Weaver Park in Cork Street is situated on the site of the former Chamber Court and Weaver’s Court flat complex.

Work started on the 0.6 hectare neighbourhood park in January 2017, as part of the Liberties Greening Strategy.

Speaking at the opening of the park on Monday, Lord Mayor of Dublin Micheal Mac Donncha said: “I am delighted to be here this morning to officially open Weaver Park which is the first major project to be developed as part of The Liberties Greening Strategy.

“I would like to congratulate Dublin City Councils Parks and Landscape Services Division and the South-Central Area Office together with Ait Urbanism Landscape Ltd and Bracegrade Ltd who designed and constructed this amenity.

“I hope that people of all ages from the Dublin 8 area and beyond get great enjoyment from this new facility in this historic area.”

The new park features a lawn for games and activities, an enclosed play area, a skateboarding terrace, benches and a pergola.

Extensive landscaping has been carried out and the play areas are designed to cater for children of all ages.

“The opening of Weaver Park in the Liberties reflects Dublin City Councils ambition to ensure that every community has access to a quality park,” said Leslie Moore, Head of Parks Services, Dublin City Council.

“The collaborative design of the park with the community has also set a new standard for contemporary urban park design which will ensure that the park accommodates local recreational needs.”

Area Manager Peter Finnegan added that he felt it was vital that city centre areas had parks and recreational spaces.

“It is almost 100 years since the Liberties were gifted a public park,” he said.

“Cities need parks and recreational spaces if communities are to grow and develop.

“Dublin’s Liberties is an exciting, dynamic and ever changing community that can only be enriched by the development of a network of green and enjoyable spaces.

“Weaver Park is a jewel in that developing network. It is a space where people of all ages and social backgrounds can mix, relax and enjoy.”

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