‘Beloved Assassin’ draws on Dublin from civil war era

by Gazette Reporter

A Dubliner in his late seventies has just self-published a new novel that is now in the public libraries. 

Andy Jones set his book ‘Beloved Assassin’ in the early 1920s and the pages bring to life the tumultuous years after independence and civil war. 

 Born in Verschoyle Place, off Lower Mount St. in 1944, he saw writing the book as an exercise in remembering the shabby but still exciting scenes of  his youth.

It is a tale of war, romance, and humour. He draws on family folklore of the times,  as well as the civil war. “I took some liberties with history in my account of the Michael Collins ambush in Cork, but  it was mainly based on military knowledge gained in my FCA service..

Andy was brought up in Ballyfermot and worked as a wood machinist until his thirties, then went into wood machinery sales.

After retiring in 2010, he began to write seriously, winning Roscommon Writer of 2017, thanks he says to his wife who had roots in that part of the world.

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