A housing estate in Tallaght is without a postal service due to ongoing problems with anti-social behaviour.

An Post have stopped delivering mail to residents in the Mac Uilliam estate off Fortunestown Lane because they say their staff are being threatened and attacked.

Violent gangs have been causing havoc in the local area this year with many extreme acts of anti-social behaviour.

Back in April Tesco suspended deliveries to parts of west Tallaght after numerous attacks on their drivers.

In one shocking incident an online delivery driver was shot with a pellet gun as he was making deliveries in Killnarden Hill.

Luckily the driver did not suffer serious injuries.

Local FF TD John Lahart said he was appalled at the reported incidents.

“It is hugely disappointing that An Post have been left with no alternative but to suspend their services in Mac Ulliam as a consequence of the terrible, antisocial actions of few.

“Why anyone would threaten or lash out towards any member of staff simply going about their job and delivering mail to residents in the estate, is utterly beyond me.

“There is no explanation for any of the appalling behaviour that An Post employees have been forced to endure as of late.

“It’s a real shame that many of the households affected who don’t have the capacity to travel to the Square industrial complex to pick up their mail will either have to go without it or make alternative arrangements.

“I will be extending any support that I can to find a resolution to this situation,” he said.

Local Sinn Fein TD Sean Crowe is also shocked at the level of anti-social behaviour.

“I am deeply concerned at the news. This is a serious development and requires a proactive Garda response.  A small minority cannot be allowed to disrupt vital services for an entire community.  This suspension will undoubtedly hurt the elderly, the vulnerable and those who have mobility problems.

“I spoke An Post this morning about the suspension of services and they say they have a duty of care to their staff and cannot allow a situation develop where their staff are put at risk.

“They have informed customers of alternative arrangements and hope to resume deliveries as soon as possible.

“I have asked that An Post sit down formally with the local Garda Authorities to try and resolve this impasse and hope that this can happen as soon as possible.”