Mulhuddart could be in for a jobs boost with the news that Amazon have lodged planning permission to build a massive data centre in the area.
The 20,739 sq metre data centre is likely to cost up to €200 million with the company saying they may build up to seven more data centres on the 26 hectare location, which could bring the total cost up to €900 million.
While it is unclear how many permanent jobs would be created at the plant at this stage, the project – code named ‘Project G’ – will create up to 400 construction jobs at the peak of the construction phase.
Tony Lambert, chief executive of Fingal Chamber, welcomed the news and said it could be the catalyst for more tech investment in the area.
He told The Gazette: “It’s the start of something good. I think it’s something we will be hearing about for years to come.
“Amazon have been buying up smaller sites in Tallaght and other Dublin locations, but this is one big site which could become a massive campus.
“It’s great to have an innovative company like Amazon contributing to our community and economy by creating jobs and boosting local infrastructure.
“They’ve already joined the Chamber and it’s fantastic to have them on board.
“We will have up to 400 jobs during construction and after that let’s wait and see, but it’s a huge operation.”
Amazon already has a number of centres in Blanchardstown and Tallaght.
The company is also building a new data centre at the Clonshaugh Business and Technology Park.
The new centres are being built to meet the growing demand for Amazon’s web services, as well as to support its own shopping network.
The company offers data hosting to companies, with their client list including global brands such as Netflix, Unilever, Kellogg’s and Expedia.
Fingal County Council confirmed that a decision on the planning application is due on Tuesday, April 25.


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