Opinion: We need an inclusive outlook to help Dublin thrive – Alex White

by Gazette Reporter

In an opinion piece, Alex White discusses the need for inclusivity in Dublin.

“I was born and raised in Dublin. This city educated and nurtured me. I love Dublin – we are a great city.

“However, our home still suffers from inequality, poor infrastructure and a lack of vision for the future. That needs to change.

“I’m campaigning to be your MEP because I believe in positive change.

“We need experienced people in the European Parliament to ensure change happens.

“I have the experience and vision required for the job. As a Minister, I ensured that every child under six had access to free GP care.

“I also reformed Ireland’s energy policy to set us on course to end our fossil fuel dependency.

“And, along with thousands of other citizens, I was proud to work for a more tolerant, equal Ireland in the referendums on Marriage Equality and Repealing the 8th Amendment.

“So that’s the experience bit. What about my vision?

“I have a clear vision for Dublin. A vision where everyone has a secure home, where we protect our precious environment, and cherish our cultural life.

“Last weekend, I published my Vision for Dublin.

“This will see Dublin combatting climate change; tackling inequalities and disadvantage; protecting workers’ rights in the 21st Century digital economy; thriving as a creative city, and having a directly-elected mayor and enhanced citizen engagement in planning our city’s future.

“This is a critical time for Dublin and for Europe. We cannot let the Tory Brexit shambles dictate our future.

“We need a positive agenda for Europe for the next decade. We need an inclusive, radical vision of Europe – a Europe committed to sustainability, equality and fairness.

“We can make Europe work for Dublin. To do that, we need to elect experienced, tenacious representatives who will fearlessly make the case for our capital city. That’s what I pledge to do.

“I’m campaigning for a liveable city in a fairer Europe and a sustainable planet.

“I’m asking for your No. 1 Vote on Friday, May 24.”

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