Call for law and order on the roads of Adamstown from concerned resident

by Padraig Conlon

A concerned resident living in Adamstown has claimed that the Road Traffic Act is not being enforced within the SDZ.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Dublin Gazette they were speaking out because they were “sick of being fobbed off.”

“I have recently been made aware that the Road Traffic Act cannot be enforced on any road within the Adamstown SDZ,” the resident said.

“There is potentially 10-15 kilometres of roadway within the SDZ that serious road traffic offences cannot be prosecuted.

“The provisions of the Road Traffic Act only apply where the local authority governs the roads.

“As not a single metre of roadway has been handed over to SDCC in over a decade since the SDZ welcomed its first residents the Road Traffic Act has never been enforceable in Adamstown.

“The local gardai have never successfully prosecuted a single road traffic offence within the SDZ and in many cases prosecutions had to be withdrawn due to this legal loophole.

“Also local gardai are not permitted to carry out checkpoints within the SDZ.”

The resident said that, because the RTA is not being enforced within Adamstown, drivers can effectively drive while intoxicated, drive without insurance, drive dangerously causing death and drive at high speed within the Adamstown SDZ, and most frighteningly, within house estates and apartment complexes where children play, without fear of prosecution.

“After over a decade of slow progress in completing the SDZ, there appears to be no appetite by SDCC to take any of these roads in charge and make the Road Traffic Act enforceable within the SDZ,” the resident said.

“How many SDZ’s are there around the country where the roads have not been handed over to the local authority and the Road Traffic Act cannot be enforced?

“The gardai and council have a duty of care, regardless of who owns property and it has to be highlighted.

“The reason I chose to highlight the issue at this point, is because I’m sick of being fobbed off by both when trying to highlight serious road traffic and safety issues in the Adamstown SDZ.

“Nobody wants to take responsibility and the builders are getting away with murder because nobody controls the roads.

“I bought into a dream over a decade ago and it’s a shocking situation when drink and drug drivers are free to mow people down and walk away without consequences.

In response, a spokesperson for South Dublin County Council told Dublin Gazette: “A significant portion of the completed section of Adamstown is Taken In Charge (TIC ) and as such Road Traffic Regulations apply at such locations.

“Yes there are roads within Adamstown and every other development under construction which are not TIC and by implication the Road Traffic Regulations do not apply.

“Mr Purcell has requested that you please provide a list of the relevant sections in writing of the Road Traffic Act to support your case, as per previous reply.

“On receipt the matter can be given further attention.”

A spokesperson for An Garda Siochana told Dublin Gazette: “The Road Traffic Act is enforceable within all areas of the Adamstown Special Development Zone.

“The Bye-Laws issued under Regulation (Secondary legislation) by a Local Authority can also be enforced in places where the Local Authority have taken charge of that location/area.”

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