Covid took our Adam: Friends rally to support young family

by Sylvia Pownall

Friends of a young Dublin mum whose partner died of Covid-19 are rallying to support her and her two-year-old son.

Adam Maxwell, 37, sadly passed away on January 31 leaving behind his devastated partner Rebecca Murray, 27, and their little boy Tyler.

His close friend Michael English told Dublin Gazette: “He went into hospital and texted that he’d be home within days. But he fell into a coma and that was it. It’s heart breaking.”

It had already been a terrible year for the family who live in Mulhuddart in west Dublin after their home was burgled on Christmas Eve.

All of two-year-old Tyler’s Santa presents were taken – and the community rallied to support them replacing the gifts and toys within hours.

But both Adam and Rebecca caught the virus over Christmas and while she recovered, he was admitted to James Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown and later transferred to the Mater Hospital.

Michael said: “I worked with Adam for five years with Sky Ireland and he was an absolute gent. He was the funniest person you could meet and never had a bad word to say about anyone.

“When he went into hospital he was messaging us saying ‘don’t worry I’ll be home in a few days’. He did have asthma, but apart from that he was young and fit.

“Days later he was in ICU on oxygen. Then he went into a coma and never recovered. It’s terrifying. He was buried last Thursday.”

Rebecca has been left reeling at the loss of her partner and friends are anxious to lend as much support as they can.

Michael said: “Tyler has autism and he doesn’t really understand yet what has happened. He’s picked up that something isn’t right.

“Adam was the main breadwinner and we’ve been trying to raise some funds for the family, to help with funeral costs and into the future.”

Any support for Rebecca and Tyler would be greatly appreciated. To donate visit

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