The Dublin Housing Supply Taskforce is reported to have identified land in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown that may be suitable for building 17,000 social homes

THE Dublin Housing Supply Taskforce is reportedly due to submit findings to the Cabinet identifying land in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown that is suitable for building around 17,000 new social homes.
It is believed that this latest study from the taskforce prioritises land in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown which could require €90m in infrastructural investment before it could support housing construction.
After submission, the report will have to be passed by central government. The Dublin Housing Supply Taskforce was set up last May as part of the Government’s Construction 2020 strategy.
Cllr Ossian Smyth (GP) said: “My response to [this] report … is that while there is a real supply problem, the answer is more than just maximising the number of new homes built.
“The lesson of the boomtime ghost estates is that the location is critical – houses have to be built near high-quality public transport [links] so that people can get to work or school without always having to drive.”
Other findings contained in the report include the potential construction of 80,000 houses across all four Dublin local authority areas, although a total of €250m would have to be invested to bring the land up to house-building standard.
Of the 80,000 houses possible across all four local authority areas, the taskforce report is said to include land in Fingal county needing infrastructural investment to support 24,000 houses, while DLR is cited as having the second-highest land in need of upgrade to facilitate the construction of 17,000 social houses.
In the other two Dublin council areas, land in need of upgrading for construction requires an investment of €6m to construct 5,400 homes, while €5m is needed to develop 2,000 in south County Dublin.
A council spokesperson was unable to comment “at this time” on the findings relating to DLR’s house-building land potential.
Cllr Chris Curran (SF) said: “I welcomed the formation of the task force and am looking forward to reading the report.
“The big questions are, who will fund the construction of these homes? Sinn Fein proposes the establishment of a municipal housing authority for Dublin to finance, build and manage the units.
“With more than 5,000 applicants languishing on the housing list, it will be interesting to see exactly how many units are proposed to deal with the housing crisis in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown.
“I understand that the €90m relates to preparing land for housing with services, access and drainage.”
However, Cllr Smyth highlighted an apparent disparity between figures contained in the draft county development plan currently on display and what it is suggested the taskforce report might contain.
He said: “The data I have from the council shows 410 serviced [with full infrastructure] hectares are available for infill housing [using vacant land between existing housing developments] for 18,000 homes, 70 part-serviced hectares are available in Cherrywood for 7,700 homes, 160 hectares of unserviced land in Woodbrook, Old Conna and Rathmichael for 7,900 homes.
“The council has 1,200 acres of serviced land zoned for housing. The plan is to provide for [around] 30,000 homes in the next eight years.”


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