Discover Yon-Ka’s new vital Multi-Protection Defense Mist for retaining radiant skin

by Rose Barrett
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Protect your skin from pollution, blue light and solar rays with one quick spritz!

It’s no secret these days that pollution, sun rays, infrared, and artificial blue light are key factors that can accelerate the ageing of the skin and contribute to oxidative stress, writes Rose Barrett. Recent studies have revealed that outdoor pollution has increased by 8per cent in the last 5 years alone*.

Confronted by this accumulative, negative combination of pollution and light rays, the skin’s natural barrier can be weakened/dehydrated, resulting in an uneven skin tone, lack of radiance, hyperpigmentation, premature ageing, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Not good!

Yon-Ka’s newVital Defense Multi Protection Mist will work to fight against these environmental aggressions. Acting as an invisible, protective veil which keeps the skin under a breathable protective film and additionally, regenerates the cells, this hybrid skin-care product is the perfect anti-aggression shield. 

Its regenerating actions happen in seconds and protect the deep and superficial skin structures. This new anti-pollution, digital-defending mist is composed of 99 per cent ingredients of natural origin and helps to boost the skin’s self-defence systems providing 360° protection.

Yon-Ka drew on the benefits of phyto-aromatherapy combined them with the effectiveness of science. Along with Biosaccharide**, Butterfly tree extract***, which is rich in photoprotective polyphenols, and Sophora Japonica bud extra****, a super natural anti-oxidant, this protective mist is dermatologist tested, vegan friendly and contains no alcohol.

  • In the morning, after make-up, spray in a Y-shape over the whole face (with eyes closed), neck, chest and on the hands from a distance of 30 cm.
  • This non-sticky portable mist can also be applied throughout the day as needed. It leaves the skin fresh and hydrated and sets make-up and helps it last longer.
  • Use in urban areas, at the office in front of the computer screen, at a café, during a shopping day, or equally out in the countryside, sea, mountains…

Yon-Ka’s New Vital Defense Multi Protection Mist available now from and selected Dublin Yon-Ka salons and clinics at  Suitable for all ages and skin types.

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