Disappointment for valiant Wild Youth as Ireland fails to make Eurovision final

by Rose Barrett
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What do we have to do to qualify for a Eurovision final these days – perhaps move geographically to the Eastern block….

Of the 15 competing countries tonight, Croatia, Moldova, Czecha, Serbia and Israel were voted through, alongside Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Portugal.

Ireland’s entry Wild Youth performing ‘We are One’ got resounding applause from the stadium audience in Liverpool. The indie rock band formed in Dublin in 2016, consisting of band members David Whelan, Conor O’Donohoe, Ed Porter and Callum McAdam did nothing wrong.

It seemed like our best entry for years but just didn’t cut the mustard with other voting countries.

Perhaps we needed more daft costumes, nonsensensical dancers, and more flashing lights on stage. Or not.

Having no musical talents or skills whatsoever, most of those selected I’d have no issue with, except for Croatia – in terms of musicality, I’d rate it alongside Dustin’s performance many years ago (and preferably bin both ‘songs’ down the toilet). But then everyone’s taste is different and it was a politically motivated entry.

Tonight saw Ireland compete, the sixth act to perform, with Norway, Malta, Serbia, Latvia, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, Israel, Moldova, Sweden, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Finland.

Last year’s winner Ukraine automatically goes through to the final, along with runner-up the UK, who offered to host this year’s event, given the war in Ukraine. France, Germany, Italy and Spain automatically go through as these countries contribute most financially to the cost of staging the Eurovision.

And sadly, we as in Ireland won’t be competing on Saturday night – shame, shame, shame. The lads won’t be sowing their wild oats tonight, despite a great performance and a really good song.

Bualadh bos to Wild Youth.

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