Wage increases set to continue – employees favouring remote working claims Excel Feedback Survey

by Rose Barrett
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Employers could have a fight on their hands to hold onto their staff this year, claims Excel Recruitment Employee Feedback Survey as more employees favour remote working, a better hybrid package – and an increase in salary!

The findings released in tandem with Excel Recruitment Annual Salary Guide 2023 showed that six in ten (60 per cent/pc) workers could potentially change jobs in 2023 and almost one in three (30pc) are definitely considering it!

The new research has revealed that while this time last year, 65pc of employers signalled salary increases in the upcoming year, this has in fact risen to 71pc 12 months later.

Barry Whelan, CEO of Excel Recruitment stated: “The ‘Great Resignation’ of 2022 has massively affected employers, especially when organisations urged workers to return to their respective offices. It led to companies increasingly having open positions, which caused disruptions in their daily operations.

“The remaining employees needed to compensate for the lack of manpower leading to immense workloads and also driving employee burnout which affected their overall performance and productivity.

“As well as driving up wages, high employee expectations are forcing more employers to offer a hybrid working option. The desire for remote work and the ease of applying for new roles in a remote setting will continue to drive churn in the labour market. Where possible, hybrid working models were introduced across most industries and have become an expectation rather than a benefit.”

Findings of the research undertaken indicate:

· Six in ten workers could change job in 2023

· Staff shortages and increased employee expectations are driving up pay rates

· Bakers, butchers, fork-lift drivers and chefs all in high demand

· Starting salaries have shot up by an extra €5,000 pa in some sectors

The Salary Guide

Excel Recruitment are reporting salary increases of up to 11pc in 2022 particularly in the areas of professional services, commercial, accounting and finance, where pay rises of between 6pc and 11pc were recorded.

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