Vulnerable communities hit by Covid-19 restrictions – MABS

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COVID-19 HAS changed the way we all work and how the MABS Services operate. National

health guidelines require remote service delivery by phone or email, with no face-to-face delivery and many other changes for MABS Services nationally. While remote engagement works for many MABS clients who have adapted well and benefited in some cases, it can inadvertently further marginalise those more accustomed to in-person or ‘drop in’ access.

Remote service access can also create more barriers to essential support for people less

able to avail of or use electronic forms of communication. In light of these concerns, Dublin South and North Dublin MABS undertook to investigate how the pandemic has affected MABS clients in Dublin. 

The report Social Distancing on the Margins: COVID-19 & Associated Issues for Dublin Region MABS Clients complied by Dr Stuart Stamp of Maynooth University, was launched last month.

The report was officially launched by Angela Black CEO of CIB and focuses on the MABS Services. The recommendations are relevant to policy makers, other service providers and advocates, especially those working to support marginalised and vulnerable communities

The full report is available at

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