Upgrade of play space transforms woodland

by Rose Barrett
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Councillor Tania Doyle (Ongar) has praised the continued upgrade of Hartstown Park.

“You may have seen the New Agility Trail built through woodland,” she noted. 

“This is an imaginative piece of play space. I must commend Fingal County Council’s Parks and Operations teams for getting what was, in reality, a dead piece of unused woodland with no functional value and now it has been transformed into a clean, modern and viable play space!” 

She stated the play space would be well used and enjoyed by all the Hartstown community. “When the plans came before the elected members some two years ago, it was clear to me even then that this upgrade would make a tangible difference to how the younger members of our community think, act and coordinate. 

“This boosts their confidence but equally as important it provides them with a recognition of the importance of looking after and respecting our community infrastructure from an early age and fostering a sense of social responsibility.” Well done to all concerned.

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