Trócaire Announce International Experts For Dublin Conference ‘Local Power, Global Justice’ To Mark 50th Anniversary 

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Trócaire has announced details of its upcoming conference, ‘Local Power, Global Justice’ to mark its 50th anniversary.

Taking place on 7 September 2023, in the Royal College of Physicians, Kildare Street, the event will also be available to stream via

Trócaire is bringing together a host of international experts for one day in Dublin to discuss two very live issues – the closing of civil society space and climate justice, through a lens of localisation (where the power is shifted to local organisations and groups in the countries where Trócaire works.) 

The keynote address will be delivered by Heba Aly, CEO of The New Humanitarian, which is a globally recognised news service focusing on humanitarian issues that are under-reported, misunderstood or ignored. The panel discussionswill draw from speaker experiences in Malawi, Somalia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Central America, Zimbabwe, and Myanmar. Discussions will centre on the significant and complex human rights challenges and humanitarian needs that are fuelled by conflict, climate change, closing civil society space, the erosion of multilateralism and growing inequality. Trócaire’s 50th conference aims to actively listen to the voices of experts from the Global South and identify changes that are needed within the aid sector to bring about positive change.    

Trócaire CEO, Caoimhe de Barra said: “Our speakers from across the globe will shine a spotlight on climate justice and closing civil society space through a lens of localisation. We believe that local power is necessary to achieve global justice for communities facing poverty and inequality. 

Trócaire has worked in partnership with local organisations since our foundation. As leaders on localisation, we believe the time is right for the sector as a whole to shift its mindset and operations towards a partnership model that gives local communities greater power over the decisions that affect their lives”.  

Climate experts from the Global South will address Trócaire’s 50th conference with clear demands for a change in the way that richer countries have responded to the climate crisis. This means transforming from a consumption led extractive development model based on the burning of fossil fuels and dismantling of biodiversity. Also ensuring the delivery of finance to some of the poorest countries and communities that are currently paying the price for the climate crisis.  

Climate expert speakers attending the conference are: Tasneem Essop (Executive Director of Climate Action Network International (CAN-I)), Ineza Umuhoza Grace (Founder and CEO of the Green Protector), Dr. Sinead Walsh (Climate Director Irish Aid),and Julius Ng’oma (National Coordinator for Civil Society Network on Climate Change (CISONECC) in Malawi). 

Another issue of concern which will be discussed is the continuing erosion of civil society space which has seen community organisations and advocates face systematic deepening oppression and poverty.  Speakers on the closing civil society space will discuss strategies and actions to protect human rights, democratic normsand humanitarian access while promoting a shift in power to local civil society and a changing role for INGOs.  

Speakers Fionnuala Ní Aoláin (Outgoing UN Special Rapporteur), Claudia Paz y Paz (Director for Central America And Mexico Programme, Center for Justice and International Law, and Former Attorney General, Guatemala), Musa Kika (Executive Director, Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum,  and James Ngun Hre (National Director, KMSS Myanmar). 

To find out more about Trócaire’s 50th Anniversary conference ‘Local power, Global Justice’ visit 

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