Trinity Comprehensive students set up own business

by Gazette Reporter
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A group of enterprising students at a north Dublin school are making sure they’ll have a job when they leave school by setting up their own business. 

Quantium can best be described as a one-stop shop for any business looking to improve its presence online.

“We’ve looked at business websites and have seen that they don’t always have the skills to manage their online presence”, says Bogdan Postolachi, a sixth year student at Trinity Comprehensive in Ballymun.

The Quantium directors with teacher/mentor Gerry McDonnell

“We can explain how a website works, and how specific words can help you reach your target audience. We can analyse the traffic to a website to see when might be the best time to put up material. We can also advise on how to blend online advertising effectively between Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube Ads.” 

The group, all of them looking to study computer science when they leave school, can also help in website  and logo design and the creation of content using video.

“Basically, whatever you’re looking for in the tech sphere, we’ve got it,” says Postolachi.

Their ultimate aim is to make themselves employable by developing a broad range of skills, says their teacher Gerry McDonnell.

Teaching third years how to avoid injury

“We have them taking other students in PE classes on injury prevention — a topic ignored by a lot of sports clubs —  so they can train either to be teachers, coaches or personal trainers,” he says.  

The five are Bogdan Postolachi, Rickwang Tientcheu, Arnas Andrijaitis, Josh O’Shaughnessy and Jamie Boyle.  

For further information, see their website at or get in touch at [email protected]

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