Westport Adventure Park Unveiled at Westport House

by Aishling Conway
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Westport House, one of Mayo’s most loved and visited destinations, proudly announces the grand opening of the highly anticipated Westport Adventure Park, located on the historic grounds of Westport Estate. 

With the new opening, Westport Estate invites visitors to ‘awaken your wild’ – to find adventure and experience the wonders of nature here in Ireland within the beautiful natural setting of Westport Estate and in the middle on the Wild Atlantic Way.  

With a long track record in adventure, Westport House is moving away from traditional amusement rides for which it was previously known. 

The new Adventure Park has been designed with the surrounding woodland and quarry landscape in mind, catering to both casual and more daring adventure activity seekers.

Owned and operated by the Hughes family, Westport Estate is a ‘must-see’ experience on the Wild Atlantic Way, providing visitors with a choice of immersive experiences, including tours of Westport House and access to its Gardens and unique tracks and trails or inviting guests to stay over in its Camping & Glamping Village. Since opening its doors in 1960, Westport House has welcomed more than five million visitors.

Commenting on the Adventure Park opening, Barry O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer, Westport Estate, said, “We are thrilled to finally unveil Westport Adventure Park. With this development, we are not only expanding our fantastic offering but enriching the visitor experience and adding value to our Estate by introducing a more diverse range of active experiences that will appeal to individuals, families, youth and adult groups of all ages and not to mention those seeking a major adrenaline hit. Westport Adventure Park further enriches our legacy, offering a modern twist to our traditional offering and is testament to our commitment to evolve while preserving the core of what has made Westport Estate a beloved destination for generations.”

Westport Adventure Attractions:

Ireland’s Largest Net Park:

A highlight of the new Adventure Park is its new Net Park, the largest of its kind in Ireland. Top of Form

Boasting a sprawling playground that spans the treetops and cliff edges of the 300-year-old quarry, the new Net Park reaches heights of thirty metres, and offers an expansive canvas for aerial adventures including a network of tunnels, aerial bridges, tree houses, giant bounce zones, spiral nets, and more. Suitable for toddlers and upwards, the Net Park challenges agility and skill while providing an exhilarating experience for adventurers of all levels.

DURATION: Up to 60 mins plus briefing

Dual 100 metre Zip Line:

Launching from the very top of the quarry, participants can observe amazing panoramic views of the Adventure Park as they bolt towards the floor of the quarry. The ‘Twin’ zip line means participants will zip side-by-side in a race to the bottom of the course.

DURATION: Up to 90 mins including harnessing, briefing and de-rigging

Aerial Trekking:

Aeriel Trekking invites adventurers to traverse a series of suspended obstacles and challenges on an elevated course designed to test balance, agility, and courage. The course starts at a comfortable height and gradually ascends, with a circuit for participants to swoop, scale, and balance their way through. For thrill-seekers looking to elevate their experience, an advanced Aerial Trekking zone is available featuring aerial obstacles such as ropes, swinging logs, net bridges, and ziplines that increase in difficulty.

DURATION: Up to 90 mins including harnessing, briefing and de-rigging

The Quarry’s Edge Leap:

From a towering 3-storey platform, adventurers can unleash their inner stunt-person and take a fearless leap off the (The Quarry’s Edge) Quick Flight platform. True to its name, (The Quarry’s Edge) experience lasts mere seconds but leaves participants with an exhilarating rush of adrenaline and confidence.

DURATION: Up to 60 mins including harnessing, briefing and de-rigging

Giant Swing:

Westport Adventure’s Giant Swing not only offers a breathtaking view of the quarry below but an adrenaline experience to boot. With 8 available seats, participants share a skyward journey with friends or family as they hoisted above the ground and released over the edge of the quarry’s cliff.

DURATION: Up to 90 mins including harnessing, briefing and de-rigging

10 Metre Climbing Walls:

Westport Adventure Park’s State-of-the-Art  (State of the art seems odd) Outdoor Climbing towers rise to an impressive height of 10 metres (3 storeys), offering a variety of climbing lanes and walls with varying levels of difficulty.

At the heart of the Climbing Zone is a see-through, double-sided rock-climbing wall, perfect for duelling teams who want to push one another to the test. Positioned on opposite sides of the transparent wall, competitors can engage in timed races to the top, maintaining eye contact throughout the climb for added excitement.

Height, age and weight restrictions apply for your health and safety, please check out www.westportadventure.ie for more details. 

For group bookings please contact [email protected].

For more information about Westport Adventure and to plan a visit, please visit https://www.westportadventure.ie/ or follow on social – FacebookInstagram

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