Dublin among top twenty best cities for study abroad

by Rachel Cunningham
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Rachel Cunningham

A new study has revealed that Dublin is among the best European cities for studying abroad. The Irish capital came in 19th place, ahead of Aachen in Germany and Paris, France.

The experts at the website Moving to Spain created the shortlist by analysing factors such as the percentage of international students, cost of living, safety, post-graduate visas, google searches and nightlife.

The research named Maastricht  the best city in Europe for studying abroad. One of the most popular cities in Europe, there were 24,200 searches for universities in the city last year.

Half the students are international, with half of the courses available to study in Maastricht taught in English. 

Maastricht and Munich were also named the safest European cities for studying abroad, while Barcelona was perceived as the least safe city. 

Despite this, Spain holds the distinction of being the most popular country for studying abroad, with Valencia, Logrono, Madrid and Barcelona all ranking among the top 10.

Munich stands out as the most expensive city to reside in, with the cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment averaging €1,341.

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