Dubliners are asked to enjoy and protect coastline this summer

by Gazette Reporter
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The Irish coast offers breath-taking views, beautiful beaches, epic cliffs, and more, and its unique beauty and character have been attracting visitors from all over the world. Furthermore, it provides its visitors with numerous opportunities to have fun, by taking part in water sports and coastal activities. 

The Clean Coasts programme works with over 1,800 communities and over 37,000 volunteers nationwide to help protect and care for Ireland’s waterways, coastline, seas, ocean and marine life. 

With the nice weather on the way, more people are expected to visit the beautiful coastal areas around the country, whether it is for sea swimming, water sports, or simply to enjoy the stunning landscape.

This summer, Clean Coasts are asking you to Enjoy and Protect our Coast

With our ‘Enjoy and Protect’ campaign, Clean Coasts is asking people to enjoy and celebrate Ireland’s stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, epic cliffs and all outdoor areas, but also to protect these natural treasures for future generations to enjoy too, by making more sustainable choices, taking part in beach cleans or even do something as quick and simple as a #2minutebeachclean. 

This is an opportunity for beach users, outdoor enthusiasts and hundreds of other communities in Ireland to make a tangible difference for our marine environment and marine life while doing something they enjoy. 

To mark the launch of the campaign, Clean Coasts are hosting a Stand-Up Paddling Clean-up of Dun Laoghaire Harbour in conjunction with Big Style. The event will take place this Saturday  May 7 between 2:0 and 4:0 pm and is open to people who have some experience with paddleboarding. 

The event is free, however, places are limited so Clean Coasts are asking people to register in advance (link in the editor’s notes)

Clean Coasts released three guides containing tips and guidance on how to enjoy our coast while doing your bit to protect it. Two of these guides – Outdoor Living and A Day at the Beach – will be available to download on our website and will focus on activities such as camping, eating outdoors and spending a day discovering marine biodiversity.  A third guide, our Community Guide, will be available exclusively to registered Clean Coasts groups and will include guidance on organising beach cleans, building a network, attracting new volunteers and promoting your work. Another guide about outdoor photography will be launched at the end of the month, so Clean Coasts are inviting people to keep an eye on their social media channels and website. 

To celebrate the launch of their Enjoy and Protect campaign, Clean Coasts and Big Style are inviting you to join a SUP clean-up at the Dun Laoghaire Harbour

To find out more, visit www.cleancoasts.org



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