Templeogue Decor paint a beautiful picture with new shopfront

Paint, wallpaper and decor experts Templeogue Décor have been awarded €1,000 in recognition of the work undertaken to transform the shopfront design of its business premises

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Templeogue Décor, 293 Templeogue Road, Templeogue Village, received €1,000 from South Dublin County Council under the Council’s annual Shopfront Grant Scheme. The award of Best Designed Shopfront was in addition to a grant received to part fund the installation of an improved shopfront design. 

“I would like to congratulate Templeogue Décor on winning Best Designed Shopfront as part of the Shopfront Grant Scheme 2022”, said Mayor of South Dublin County, Cllr Emma Murphy. “The vision shown by Nicola and her colleagues, and the improvement made is fully deserving of this fantastic award. The Shop Front Grant Scheme provides an excellent opportunity for local businesses to enhance the aesthetics of their stores and encourage the preservation of our beautiful villages. The wonderful upgrades made to Templeogue Décor exemplify perfectly how small changes can make a huge difference to our villages. I would encourage all business owners in our villages to engage with South Dublin County Council and make use of this valuable service.”

The annual Shopfront Grant Scheme provides grants for shopfront improvements ranging from painting updates to replacing an entire shopfront. Grants are available for a maximum of 50% of overall costs. Furthermore, a prize of €1,000 is awarded for the Best Designed Shopfront under the scheme. 2022 is the ninth successive year of this progressive scheme, supported by South Dublin County Council. The scheme is becoming increasingly popular, and the council would encourage local businesses to apply for the 2023 scheme. 

Under the scheme, Templeogue Décor were granted approval for painting, installation of a new awning, and the addition of green enhancement. The works carried out have made a huge improvement to the shopfront and the aesthetics of Templeogue Village, exemplifying the benefits of the scheme for business owners.   

“In the second half of 2022, the shop underwent a facelift to the exterior of the premises.  The existing wooden store frontage was fully repaired, and the lettering and signage was removed, cleaned and repainted. We installed a motorised and retractable awning in self-cleaning fabric with powder coated finish for durability.   Additional green wooden planters were also installed to enhance the front entrance and tie in with the recent refurbishment of the village.   All of this was possible with the help of South Dublin County Council’s Shopfront Grant Scheme”, explains Nikki van Loon of Templeogue Décor.

“When we were informed that we were chosen as the winner of the Best Designed Shopfront 2022, we were delighted.  As a result of our shopfront enhancement, we have found more people taking notice of our business, especially as we are on a main street. Our new awnings have also given us greater visibility to potential clients travelling past each day either by foot, car or bus.

Since the works have taken place, several local retail store owners in the village have complimented the fresh new look and have shown an interest in the Shopfront Grant Scheme. We would encourage all business owners to get involved in this initiative as an improved streetscape encourages more footfall through our doors.”

Details of the scheme including Terms and Conditions and application details for 2023 are available on the Council’s website at http://www.sdcc.ie/business/enterprise/business-support/shop-front-grant

Contact [email protected] or phone 01-4149000 with any queries regarding the scheme. 

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