TD’s Advice Clinic – by candlelight!

by Rose Barrett
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Deputy Duncan Smith (Lab) denounced the ongoing issues of electricity outage in the Lusk area.

During a very cold night recently, he hosted his regular advice clinic and once again, the electricity supply went down and the Labour deputy found himself in the dark, with candlelight only to support.

“I’ve raised this many times with the ESB,” he said speaking online. “We have no power yet again, and it won’t be back for a few hours. You can see the traffic lights are out, the whole village is down… it’s an absolute disgrace!

“Cllr Robert O’Donoghue has raised this before with the ESB, and will continue to raise it in the council and I will raise it again in the Dáil. We are not getting adequate responses… on a very cold night in Lusk, it’s a disgrace.”

Lusk Community Council thanked Deputy Smith “for highlighting this. Unfortunately, we had a number of classes cancelled in the Cottage and Saint Macullins Centre due to this outage. It was a big disruption to our community facilities.” Deputy Smith committed to pushing for answers, for what is an ongoing and totally unsatisfactory situation. 

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