Tasty titbits about PANCAKES

by Gazette Reporter
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IT’S that time of year again – Pancake Tuesday is almost upon us, with next February 13 ushering in one of the tastiest Tuesdays of the year.

Whether you like ’em big and flat like the Mammy makes them, or small and fat like our American friends serve them, pancakes are a delicious dish that is also surprisingly adaptable.

Quick and easy to make, as well as being very budget-friendly, pancakes have a surprising versatility that goes far behind the traditional serving (sprinkled with sugar and a quick dash of lemon) that many of us still plump for.

Whatever way you’re tucking into your perfect pancake on Tuesday, these titbits about the humble pancake may give you some food for thought …

Devout Christians know that the day is the last day to indulge before the start of Lent, with the day traditionally used to use up the last of some food staples before marking their fasting.

In line with seeking some spiritual nourishment, Christians also know that Pancake Tuesday falls 47 days before however Easter Sunday falls that year.

Those with a sweet tooth may prefer to mark Pancake Tuesday in Ireland rather than Finland or Iceland – our Finnish friends celebrate Shrove Tuesday (to use its religious title) with green pea soup; in Iceland, it’s marked with salted meat and peas.

The Swiss have perhaps a more literal take on Pancake Tuesday – they refer to it as “Gudisdienstag” which is derived from a word meaning “a stomach full of food”.

Whatever your reason – as if any were needed – be sure to tuck in to some tasty pancakes on Tuesday, and enjoy!

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