Stillgarden offering limited edition of quirky vodka flavour for April Fool’s Day!

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by Rose Barrett
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Did you know that the Boss Lady of Stillgarden Distillery, Viki Baird, loves nothing more than an April Fools prank?

Every year, Stillgarden Distillery creates a hoax product to fool their lovely customers.

Last year was the Hair of the Dog Spirit (made with locally and sustainably sourced dog hair), and the year before was the unforgettable Eau De Canal spirit with water from our very own Grand Canal. One top drinks industry person in Dublin (we’ll mention no names) actually tried to order a bottle of this prank spirit (scarlet!).

This year the mad yokes at Stillgarden have gone a step further – they are going to actually distil and bottle a Chicken Fillet Roll Vodka – for real this time!

Yes, production is actually starting on a limited 25 bottle run of Chicken Fillet Roll Vodka.

This liquid lunch will capture all the savoury charm of the Irish deli staple in a glass.

Serve with a light tonic and garnish with lettuce (but maybe hold the taco sauce!)

To be in with a chance to win a bottle of this once-in-a-lifetime spirit, make sure you’re following @stillgardendistillery on Instagram, and like, comment and share their Chicken Fillet Roll Vodka post when it goes live on Saturday, April 1, April Fool’s Day! 

Only FIVE bottles are up for grabs – don’t miss out!

You can explore and shop the full (and serious) range of Stillgarden products via their online shop. To keep up to date on their latest offerings and news (and pranks!), visit their website, follow them on Instagram and Facebook @stillgardendistillery and on Twitter @stillgardend8.

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