Give your home ‘Room to Dream’ – hotel elegance and homeliness from Søstrene Grene

by Rose Barrett
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Has your home ‘room to dream’, have you room to improve your living space and give it that chic but homely look?

Søstrene Grene launches their newest collection ‘Room to Dream’ on Thursday next, February 2. With this uber elegant collection, you can establish a new harmony with soft colours and textiles, along with wicker and ceramics – all of which bring a new element and engery to the character of your home!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of entering a beautiful hotel room after a day of travel and sight-seeing and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere, the luxurious serenity, and taking the time to unwind.

Get inspired to create the same aesthetics with Søstrene Grene’s new Room to Dream collection, as it invites you to create a harmonious setting for everyday life with the season’s gentle colours, interesting ceramics, wicker details and soft textiles.

In the selection, you will find novelties for the kitchen, bedroom, and living room to make each space a peaceful oasis in the home. You will also find completely new product additions to the sisters’ assortment as Søstrene Grene introduces light curtains and a lavish headboard.

The new collection launches in stores including George’s Street Dublin 2, Dun Laoghaire, Cork, Limerick, Bangor, Belfast and Newry from February 2 and will be available while stocks last.

Get inspired to make room for reflecting, dreaming and relaxing with the sisters’ novelties

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