Exclusion of social tenants to amenities in The Davitt  unacceptable claim

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

The exclusion of tenants from communal amenities in The Davitt apartment complex is unacceptable and must end immediately, stated Sinn Féin’s Cllr Daithí Doolan.

“I met with tenants recently in the properties reserved for social housing. They are furious at the fact that they cannot access car parking, bicycle lock-up, the gym or the promised indoor play area.

“The practice of social segregation is a dangerous precedent. Hence, I tabled an Emergency Motion at last Monday’s City Council meeting urging DCC to address this social exclusion as a matter of urgency.

“Tenants renting privately have access to all these amenities in the complex,” said a furious Cllr Doolan.

“This segregation is wrong. It further divides communities and flies in the face of DCC’s own City Development Plan and their strategy for Housing People with Disabilities.”

However, Cllr Doolan’s Emergency Motion re the Davitt Road was ruled out of order and has now been referred to the Housing Committee.

“I raised the issue under the housing section of the agenda at Monday’s meeting anyway,” said Cllr Doolan “I’m happy to say the Manager has agreed to discuss access to parking facilities next week. This would be a big step forward as social tenants are forced to park their cars on the street which is adding to an already difficult situation for Dublin Bus drivers in Drimnagh.

“Ironically, I saw dozens of empty car parking spaces in the apartment complex when I visited, spaces which could easily be given to these residents.”

Cllr Doolan’s emergency motion called “on the management company in the Davitt Road apartments to allow social housing tenants full access to amenities. Furthermore, we will ensure that any future Part V negotiations with developers will guarantee social housing tenants receive full access to communal facilities.”

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