Make scents and gift a gift of luxury: Emma’s So Naturals Christmas Candle, The Pomander

The secnt of the season, fill your home with festive aroma

by Rose Barrett
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I am a Christmas candle person. I don’t care for bottles of wine, after dinner mints, more costume jewellery and gifts I will never use. Friends and family who know me well know a candle, especially a handmade, luxuriously scented candle will always be a winner with me (or flowers!)!

And Emma Fallon’s traditional Christmas Candle – The Pomander – from Emma’s So Naturals is such a luxury. Bottled scent in a candle. Divine. The best scent of the season!

Since 2010, Leinster woman Emma Fallon has designed and created and Irish collection of natural, high quality, plant-based wellness and home-fragrance products, scented with Emma’s own inspired blends of pure essential oils. 

Born from a passion for all things natural, Emma and David Fallon founded ‘Emma’s So Naturals’ in 2010, based in Ardee, Co Louth.

The pair have grown their handmade wellness and home-fragrance product range to include three styles of long lasting, clean burning candles, handmade palm-free soaps, and new aroma diffuser oil blends, in eight core pure essential oil fragrances, with some limited edition seasonal scents regularly being released. 

Emma Fallon of Emma#s So Naturals

Emma’s So Naturals’ candle and soap collections come beautifully packaged in an Irish designed and produced floral box, and their entire trove of all-natural products have been developed to be vegan and palm free, proving that the end product made with love and a conscience can also be luxurious!

“In the mid to late 19th Century pomanders started to appear at Christmas time. It soon became a wonderful way to perfume a house with the scent of Christmas,” said Emma.

A Pomander is a fresh orange spiked with clove buds and then adorned with ribbon and cinnamon sticks and hung to dry, and it naturally perfumes the home, a distinctive scent of Christmas.

Cinnamon Bark Oil brings with it a distinctive hot and spicy, musky scent. Clove Oil is warm, uplifting and stimulating, and Sweet Orange Oil is radiant, spirited and zesty! Why not try them, it makes scents to invest in such a luxurious, ‘natural’ festive aroma. I love them already and they are certainly on my Christmas shopping list!

Prices start from €5 for melts, €11.50 for tins to €23 for the glass tumbler

So Naturals will be attending festive Christmas markets in Farmleigh House the Botanic Gardens and Castletown House throughout December. Available from health stores around Dublin city and country, find stockists or buy online at

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