Nail your nighttime routine with Neostrata

by Amy Rohu
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By Amy Rohu

There’s so many steps recommended to achieve flawless skin these days, but did you know one of the most important steps is your nighttime routine?

During the night time hours, your skin rests and replenishes and by using the right products before bed, you can use this time to your advantage, looking after your skin while you sleep so you wake up looking fresh.

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Neostrata, an expert skincare brand which is recommended by dermatologists, have a range of regenerative creams which are ideal for using just before bed. Their Correct Overnight Anti-Pollution Treatment (€55) works as you sleep to help minimise the damage from daily pollutants and prepares the skin for the next day.

Their Restore Ultra Moisturising Face Cream (€56.20) is suitable for the most sensitive skin, is mild and fragrance-free and fights visible signs of ageing, leaving skin beautifully smooth and healthy.

The Clarify Gel Plus (€40) which is recommended by dermatologists, is an intensive but lightweight night cream which is particularly favoured by men and is used for it’s ability to reduce ingrown hairs on the face, neck and other areas regularly shaved.

These creams bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘beauty sleep’ and are the perfect treat for tired, summer skin, with the least amount of effort required. Now, where did you leave that eye mask? Sweet dreams!

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