“Where have all the Travelling people gone?”

Poignant new release from Sharyn Ward

by Rose Barrett
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Just months after her release ‘Feeing Free’, and good to her promise, Sharyn Ward is soon to release a new song, “Where have all the Travelling People gone?”

Sharyn, who is married to James Ward and has three children aged from 12 to three years, shot to fame in Ireland after finishing a strong finalist in Ireland’s Got Talent in 2019. Alas, Covid put a stop to her live performances thereafter, but she has used the time to write original work and this next song is particularly meaningful to her.

“It came straight from the heart, when I was grieving for my late father Ned Stokes.  I just went outside to have a breath of air, the camp was so quiet that night, I could almost feel his spirit near me, and all my ancestors. I looked up to the stars  and asked myself ‘Is that where they are now? Is that Heaven, are they better off up there?’

“I really wanted my father back, but maybe he is better up there- away from his struggles with mental health for years, and hiding it well.  He suffered as a Traveller on earth  and I hope now he is in a place where he won’t be discriminated against as a Traveller, and have to deal with issues he had to cope with while he walked the earth.

Sharyn has dedicated this son to her beloved father, the late Ned Stokes, RIP

“This song arose inside of me, and I felt it was my father talking to me, re-assuring me that he was ok now, he was at peace.

“I felt comfort from it, every time I read it back. All the family loved it, it gives them comfort so I’m hoping that every Traveller who hears it, and believes in God and Heaven, and they will feel re-assured that their loved ones are safe.”

The lyrics read:

“Are they gone to be safe, in a beautiful place?

Have they each got a star of their own?

“Are they roaming and travelling without any fear?

So much happiness and freedom up there?”

Dedicated to her late father Ned, Sharyn hopes to release the song this weekend, over Saturday, September 17/Sunday 18.

It should be available on Spotify, FB, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and any social platform that Sharyn’s IT manager Sian can post on. The busy mother of three hopes to release an album before Christmas and all songs are relative to her life as a Traveller woman.


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