Seabody launches their winter 2022 showcase

by Alison O'Hanlon
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The Seabody Winter 2022 Showcase took place in Studio 10 in Dublin this week. Guests were invited along to try out the range, meet co-founder Dr. Helena McMahon, and to learn Seabody’s full face flow yoga technique with face yoga therapist + wellness coach, Lydia Sasse. 

Familiar faces at the event included: Sarah Morrissey, Holly Carpenter, Nadia Forde, Brian Dowling & Sophie Balinska. 

Taking a relaxing dip in the ocean is wonderful for your wellbeing, and is certainly something many of us have embraced over the past few years, but did you know that it’s also great for your skin? Research shows that marine plants, like seaweed, have unique benefits for our skin and overall wellness, but do you really know what it is within seaweed that makes it so special? Seabody, a County Kerry based biotech company, is unlocking the next generation of marine molecules from ocean plants and developing a high-tech range of skincare & supplements, sustainably, from sea to self.

Nadia Ford, Brian Dowling and Sara Kavanagh pictured at the Seabody Winter 2022 Showcase
Photograph: Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland

Every element has been considered to ensure the Seabody range is sustainable, plant based, cruelty free and luxurious to use, the perfect range of products for those with a keen interest in skincare, natural ingredients, sustainability and supporting Irish.

With a direct connection to human biology, it comes as no surprise that Seabody ’s marine-based ingredients have exciting benefits for the skin. Seaweed extracts help to protect skin against environmental stressors, as well as stimulating collagen and elastin. They also support cell renewal and help bind moisture to the skin, creating that smoother, plumper appearance that we all desire! 

Seabody ’s supplements have been biodesigned to support specific pathways like movement for bone, muscle, and cartilage, immunity for immune system support, digestion for gut health, and energyfor vitality as well as the ever-important beauty from within.

Co-founded by Dr. Helena McMahon, Seabody ’s mission is to create a Circular Marine Health & Beauty company, producing high efficacy, clean label products that benefit the entire Seabody community from Sea to Self. Helena’s passion for sustainability, nature and innovation, mixed with her expansive knowledge in cell biology is a key driving force behind Seabody – a range focused on efficacy, luxury, heritage and circularity. 

Helena’s career has been curiosity led, a fascination in human physiology, molecular medicine, Gene and Cellular Therapeutics led to the use of drug discovery approaches to identify plant molecules with human and animal health benefits and taking cues from nature (data) to bio-design high efficacy products and formulations.

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Seabody Winter 2022 Showcase Pictures: Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland

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