Save space and gain added storage with Penneys!

Scoop up the clutter, great tidy up ideas from only €2

by Rose Barrett
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Finding your home cluttered? Feeling overwhelmed with school books, toys, and bric-a-brac.

Penneys offer lots of clever storage options – with prices from as little as €2 upwards!

In the kitchen, check out these large clear glass containers. Starting from €4,

Remove the packaging from breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, tea-bags, etc. The jars look dressy on display shelves and you can also see when the goods are running low. But packed into a kitchen press, they are less cumbersome.

Storage jars from €4 at Penneys
3 pack cotton woven baskets €12

These cotton woven baskets are so handy – ideal for nail and manicure products, nail varnish, face wipes, make up, etc. Keep them on the floor next to your bed or perhaps in the bathroom or within a locker drawer, only €12 in total!

Go vertical is the advice of Penneys! Plastic cartons, stacking trays and these woven baskets come in black and grey (baskets from €2) can be used for anything in any room of your house – kitchen or toy room, for stationery, schoolbooks, etc. Ideal also for sorting laundry or bedroom tidy – i.e. socks, tights, kiddies’ underwear or as a bathroom tidy.

Penneys Home set of 12 hangers for kiddies, cost only €2.80
Drawer tidy from Penneys – will make items easier to find at a glance! €5

Check out Penneys Home collection at Dublin stores and nationwide.

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