Senseless vandalism of sensory unit shocks Community

by Rose Barrett
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The mindless vandalization of a new sensory room at Rivervalley Community Centre has shocked Swords residents, writes Rose Barrett.

The vandals were captured on CCTV and appear to have been six children possibly between the ages of 8 and 10 years of age. The sensory room designed especially for children was due to be officially opened next Wednesday by the unit sponsors and to be viewed at an open day on Monday, August 28 next.

“This new sensory room would have been possibly the only one of its kind around the Swords area and was/is such a much needed facility,” said manager Nicole O’Reilly who let the project with the community centre manager Michael from the start.

“This is heart-breaking for all of us, and all the childcare staff and children who would have gotten so much benefit from the facility.”

The cost of repair is unknown at the moment but to get the unit repaired and re-fitted, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched. All donations, however big or small, would be greatly appreciated and can only benefit the most vulnerable children within the wider Swords community.

Donations please to:  To  date, over €4,000 has been raised and The Rivervalley/ Rathingle Community Centre Team extend a hearty thank you to all who’ve donated.

“Today, a tired team has been lifted back up by the community and this important project will be even bigger and better than before,” said the team.

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