Richard celebrates 100th birthday at Talbot Nursing Home

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Richard Allen has been a resident in Talbot Lodge Nursing Home since early 2022 and has recently celebrated his 100th Birthday surrounded by friends, family and staff.

When asked for advice on life, Richard advises that ‘we should all lead a simple life, with plenty of fresh air and put our faith in the Lord.

Richard was born in Wells next the sea in Norfolk in 1923 and was the eldest of 4 children. His parents lived in Dun Laoghaire. His father was a professor in the college of science in Trinity College and Richard himself later graduated from Trinity with a qualification in Engineering.  Following his graduation from College, Richard went to Manchester for some experience in his chosen field and returned to Ireland circa 1951 to take a post with the ESB.

A keen sports man, Richard played rugby for Trinity college and enjoyed cycling. Family friend, Ann Barror recalls Richard as being a ‘voracious reader’ and Richard himself advises he loved to read and learn new things. Richard was also very fond of painting and attended art classes with George Colley in Dublin. His room in Talbot Lodge displays many of his own works including a fabulous painting of the Asgard. Richard exhibited his work yearly in an exhibition held by the Central Remedial Clinic.

Having returned from Manchester to Ireland, Richard was posted by the ESB to Dundalk where he was instrumental in the electrification of counties Louth and Cavan. He met his wife Betty around this time also. Betty was working as an Industrial chemist for Clarkes Shoes. They married in 1955 in St Kevins Church on Harrington Street. Betty sadly passed away in 2011 and Richard advises ‘he misses her dearly’.

Both Betty and Richard loved to travel and spent time all over Ireland and Europe. His niece Joy recalls being told stories of their travels on Richards Matchless Motorbike to France and beyond. 

Richard loved his garden and close friend of the family Ann recalls the joy he experienced whilst maintaining his garden in his home in Clontarf. Richard talks fondly of his garden and recalls the summers he had tending to the flowers and other projects throughout the year. He also recalls his involvement with the Methodist Church in Clontarf and his memorable years there as the treasurer. He also reminisces on his amateur dramatics whilst working with the ESB and recounts the number of productions he took part in with the ESB Drama Society.

Joy, Richard’s niece, recalls her childhood visits with Richard and Betty. She remembers how generous her Uncle was towards them all and recalls fondly his ‘generosity of spirit’. Celebrations were held for Richard in Talbot Lodge with family and friends.

The Staff, Residents and Management of Talbot Lodge would like to wish Richard the Happiest of Birthdays and to let him know they are so very proud to be part of his life. 

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