Rentokil warns Dubliners to  lookout for silverfish

by Rachel Cunningham
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A pest control provider has warned Dubliners to keep an eye out for a pest that accounted for 57 per cent of its callouts across the country over the past five months. 

Typically more prevalent during colder periods, silverfish lay up to 60 eggs per day, which means that a few insects can rapidly become a much larger infestation.

Silverfish eggs are usually difficult to locate, as they are often hidden in tiny cracks or crevices. 

An infestation can result in damage to books, photographs, paintings, plaster and other household items as they feed on both starch and cellulose, Rentokil has warned.

A common sign of the presence of silverfish to watch out for is finding unexplained holes in books or items of clothing.

“While silverfish aren’t dangerous, they can become a major inconvenience because of their appetite for starch and cellulose, which can lead to them damaging valuable items by feeding on them,” said Dr. Colm Moore, Area Technical Manager for Rentokil.

You can prevent silverfish in your home by denying them food, through vacuuming and keeping dust and debris to a minimum or storing food in containers with tightly sealed lids. 

Homes and businesses are also advised to make sure that all cracks in walls and skirting boards are filled and to dehumidify premises through the use of fans, dehumidifiers or by opening windows to air them out. 

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