Councillors vote to give householders 7.5% reduction on Local Property Tax

by Rose Barrett
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Householders in Fingal will see their 2023 Local Property Tax bills reduced by 7.5% following a decision by councillors at last night’s monthly meeting of Fingal County Council.

The elected members in Fingal voted by 26 votes to eight to reduce the Local Property Tax by 7.5% up to 31 December 2024.

This is the sixth successive year that bills have been reduced by less than the 15% rate. The previous five reductions were for 10% and the extra income raised facilitated increased resources in areas such as housing, operations, community, and libraries.

The Chief Executive of Fingal County Council, AnnMarie Farrelly, said the decision of councillors will benefit both the householders and the communities they live in.

“This is the sixth year we have been able to give householders a reduction while creating a fund for local services. Having that extra funding has made a tangible difference across the county and I would like to thank our Elected Members for their continued support,” said Ms Farrelly.

“The effect of new valuations and the increased number of residential properties liable for Local Property Tax will result in an average decrease of around 1.3% on what people were paying in 2022,” she added.

The number of properties playing Local Property Tax in Fingal has risen by 10.7% from 98,300 in 2022 to 108,800 and the average amount paid will reduce from €349 to €345.

The decision not to apply the full 15% reduction means that Fingal County Council will have an additional €2.26m to spend on local services.

The discussion on the Local Property Tax at last night’s monthly meeting can be viewed at

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