RCSI holding SimWars 2023

by Alex Greaney
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SimWars 2023 will be held at RCSI on Saturday, March 11, as a joint venture between RCSI Emergency Society, the RCSI SIM Centre for Simulation Education and Research and the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine, writes Alex Greaney.

It will bring together at least 150 medical students, 30 or more qualified doctors, simulation educators and over 100 spectators from the whole island at the RCSI Simulation facility at 26 York Street.

SimWars brings together medical, nursing, and allied health students from across Ireland in an educational and fun event. The event is designed to train participants for stressful and difficult situations and promote professionalism and teamwork with colleagues before graduation.

It has grown to become an international intervarsity event that couples the simulation competition with Emergency Medicine keynotes, educational workshops, career networking, and mentoring that spans the island of Ireland.

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