Punk sound with a distinctive bite

by Nick Fitzgerald
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UP and coming Dublin punk rock band Fangclub are ready to take a bite at the big time, with the trio releasing their self-titled debut album this Friday, August 4.

The lads from Rush – frontman Steven King, bassist Kevin Keane and drummer Dara Coleman – dreamed big, regularly jamming all the way through their teenage years.

What used to be their dream is quickly becoming a reality as their music spreads – last Christmas, Today FM’s Fergal D’Arcy revealed live on air a tattoo of Fangclub’s logo on his side.

The station was just one of several across Ireland and the UK where Bullet Storm, Fangclub’s opening track, has aired, with it also popping up on Spin 1038 and BBC Radio 1.

For fans of Nirvana, Green Day, Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro, plus all things punk rock with a 90s feel in the mix, the trio say Fangclub will take listeners on a Grunge-fuelled rock and roll trip.

On the name of the band, Steven said: “I was watching a documentary about a tribe that basically tattooed fang shapes on their arms. I was also a big fan of Teenage Fanclub as well, so I took the fang idea from the tribe.”

The band picked Ballyheigue in Co Kerry to record more than 25 tracks, with Kevin explaining: “We heard one band’s demo and we loved the drum sound on it. We chased whoever recorded that down, and then went down to Kerry.”

Dara added: “We stayed for two weeks and then had to go home to save money from our day jobs to be able to go again!”

With Fangclub releasing tomorrow, Steven says its sound is “like a slight grunge, punk rock sound; we were big punk rockers – I’m a massive Nirvana fan”.

On signing with Universal Music Ireland, Steven said: “When we got approached by a big label it was exciting, but we were also trying to be careful about it. But they loved what they heard, so the original recordings is the album – it’s unchanged.”

Although the band are focused on their album’s imminent release, they’re busy with other music projects. Steven said: “We’re supporting Muse and Biffy Clyro. We have another music video ready that will probably drop around that time.”

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